Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rickey Henderson - Granny Goose

Happy New Year everyone!  It has been fun reading everyone's 2013 accomplishments and goals for 2014.  I am putting the finishing touches on my 2014 goals and hope to share them over the weekend.

I thought I would kick off the new year with an awesome pickup of a card I have been in need of since the mid 80s when I started collecting Rickey Henderson.  A few weeks back I shared the acquisition of a McCovey white whale in a trade with mrhaverkamp and not too long after I was able to seek out a purchase one of my Rickey white whales.

This is the 1981 Granny Goose card of Rickey.  Granny Goose produced A's cards from 1981-1983 and while the 82 and 83 versions seem much more plentiful, this card seems to be quite a bit more rare.  I have had my eyes open for this card off and on since I started collecting Henderson and was able to pick this one up for under $20 delivered which I thought was a pretty good price.

It is a great young picture of Rickey with a big smile, some Bake McBride-like hair coming out from under his cap and a nice gold necklace in the green and gold of the Billy Ball A's.  You can also see a nice grease stain from the chips and I wouldn't want it any other way.

It isn't one of my "goals" for 2014 but I do plan on getting my most wanted card for each of the players I collect into the Baker's Dozen list this year.  This Rickey would have been my card so I need to scour the list and determine which card I have to go after next.


  1. Grease stains weird me out a little, but I'd be happy with that. Great card of Rickey.

  2. fantastic pick up. i've been chasing the same card for a while now but haven't found one that i was ready to pull the trigger on. Fuji picked up the card a few months ago...soon enough for me.

    1. wow... you've got an excellent memory. that set was a huge addition to my collection in 2013.

  3. Awesome card. The grease stain definitely adds character to this card. Congratulations on adding it to your collection.