Thursday, January 23, 2014

Embarrassing Trade Post #7 - PWEs from Jeff at 2X3 Heroes

I saved my most embarrassing trade post for last.  Jeff over at 2 by 3 Heroes is well known throughout the blogosphere for his PWE bombs and I have been far from immune from his generosity.  It seems like every time I am about to write a post celebrating the great things he has sent my way, another PWE lands in my mailbox.

I will go back to the first PWE I got from Jeff to kick this off:

It started off with some Barry Bonds love, I am particularly fond of the Pacific card.  I have said a few times on this blog that I am a Pacific fan and I really need to see if I can track down some more Giants.

I also scored a couple of minis and a couple cards of less fit pitchers from the Giants past.  The Beck is an Electric Diamond parallel that I almost missed as I went through the package.  The minis are both great, I was in a box break that included The Double Header set and this Aurilia is one of the few Giants I didn't get, it was a great addition.

I also got this note with the cards:
Jeff, shame on me for taking so long to thank you, you are a very generous man.

Here are the contents of PWE #2:
Started with a couple of Pandas - rumor has it that he is in shape and has dropped 40+ pounds in the off season.  Great news for the Giants and hopefully for my fantasy team - I traded for him late in the season last year.

This PWE also included a Heritage insert need of the Dandy Dominican and a Donruss Originals of McCovey. I had the Willie already but this one found a spot in the Giants binder. 

Finally a pair of Tim Lincecum cards.  The Biography card left me 1 card away (ironically another Lincecum) from finishng off the insert team set of Giants from Upper Deck's last baseball issue.

PWE #3 included another pair of Freaks...

Plus a pair of Zitos.
The Opening Days of Zito are great, these blue parallels are one of my favorite sets of the year and I am glad to have the entire Giants team set.

PWE #4:
A random group of Giants including one of my first Prizm cards of my favorite current Giant Matt Cain.
 And perhaps my favorite insert card of the year from Archives featuring 4 Giants. I ended up needing 3 of these for my collection, 1 for the set, 1 for the McCovey collection and 1 for the Giants binder.

We are up to PWE #5, can you see why I am embarrassed?
Two very cool insert cards.  Vizquel had a great career, I wonder if he is HOF worthy?  With today's voters who knows?  The Marichal is a great card and surprisingly the only Giant of 4 that I have from this Glossy All-Star set.

 Some additional random Giants.  I have always been puzzled by this Will Clark photo choice.  It isn't the most flattering, it looks like he is looking down the the 3rd base umpire waiting for a decision on an appealed check swing call.

 I also scored this 1960 vintage Johnny Antonelli card.  Antonelli was celebrating a great year and was actually has an All-Star card in this set.

 PWE #6 had a Chrome theme:
This nice dual card featuring All-Star Buster Posey and Futures All-Star Tommy Joseph.  Joseph is no longer in the Giants organization as he was included in the Hunter Pence trade.  I predict he will have a nice big league future for the Phillies and I am glad we were able to resign Pence so the trade won't look like a waste.
 Speaking of Pence, his Chrome card was also part of this PWE along with a couple other key Giants.  I now have the Giants base set from 2013 Chrome but have lots of work to do on the colored parallels.

Getting close to the end with PWE #7.
Got another Pence in this PWE, it went to my son for his Giants binder.   I also scored a couple more Prizm cards, a sweet die cut insert (I hope there is something similar in the year's Topps), a parallel of Will Clark from 92 Leaf and one of a ton of 2008 UD Documentary cards.

 The final PWE (8 if you are counting) came within the last week and for the first time featured non-Giants cards.
I shared that I am planning on collecting Ben Petrick and Jeff is a Petrick collector as well. He had a few dups he sent my way to boost my collection and I needed 3 of the 4.

Jeff, you are super generous and hard to keep up with.  Thank you so much for all the PWEs.  I just love it when I pick up the mail and get something and your generosity increases the likelihood that it will happen.

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  1. Jeff certainly knows his way around a PWE. That Donruss Originals McCovey is especially fantastic.