Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Embarrassing Trade Post #4 - Cards on Cards

Time for another belated trade post, this time a trade made with blogger madding who runs the entertaining blog Cards on Cards.

My skin is getting a little raw as I am now ripping off band aid #4.  I have mentioned several times about some older trades that I never posted and I am committed to getting caught up and celebrating these trades from long ago - this post gets me past the half way mark. How long ago you may ask, I am not 100% certain but know I scanned the cards back in May of 2013.

First up are some great 2013 Giants.  The trio of Opening Day Giants help build that team set.  I am on the fence if I am going to buy a box and build the full Opening Day set in 2014.  I have built all the sets since 2010 and also completed the 2008 set.  My guess is I will get a box in a moment of weakness - it is a cheap break and fun to open.  The Mays Chasing History is a nice gold parallel, I haven't gone after these retail parallels for my sets but I definitely want to get all the Giants I can.  I am a big fan of the purple Heritage Chrome parallels like this sweet Matt Cain.

Here are some older Giants that also came over in this trade.  So what do these cards have in common?  1) They all showcase Giants pitchers and 2) I needed all 4 for my Giants collection.  Cool additions, the Valdez and Schmidt are serial numbered, the Big Unit is a parallel and the Whitaker is my first from this Upper Deck Top Prospects set.
The final card I will share is this nice Rickey Henderson Hit Parade insert.  I have been focusing more on my Rickey collection over the last few months and have been enjoying adding new cards to my biggest player collection.  This card knocked one of my want list and it is a very nice looking card celebrating Rickey's short stint on the Red Sox.

Thanks madding for this great trade, sorry it took 8 months to post it!


  1. If you stare at that Rickey card long enough, your eyes will cross. Trust me.

  2. very cool Rickey card!