Monday, January 13, 2014

Embarassing Trade Post #3 - Royals and Randoms

Ripping off band aid #3.  I have mentioned several times about some older trades that I never posted and over the next couple weeks I am committed to getting caught up and celebrating these trades from long ago. How long ago you may ask, I am not 100% certain but know I scanned the cards back in May of 2013.

This is #3 of 7 of these embarrassing posts and I am going to shoot for one every other day.  I need to show my appreciation for these great bloggers who added to my collection.  This trade is one I made with Josh from Royals and Randoms who hasn't posted much as of late.  With a new house and a new baby I can truly relate.  I am hoping Josh is able to start blogging again and maybe we can work out another trade like this fine one.

First up is a Baby Bull from 1970 Topps. This was a few years after Cepeda left the Giants but this fits nicely into my 1970 set I am working on. Gotta love a little vintage in trade packs!  Orlando doesn't seem too excited but this is still a cool pic, especially with the old Braves logo prominently displayed on his shoulder.

Here are some cool Giants that I needed for my collection.  I sometimes forget Robb Nen's great contributions to the Giants until I get new cards of his or thumb through my binders.  He fought though injuries to try and bring a World Series victory home in 2002 and unfortunately we came up short.  It may have ruined his career but his dedication puts him in a special place in Giants fans hearts.  The Barry Zito era is finally over.  Can't blame the guy for capitalizing and getting the big contract but boy was it bad.  Just this weekend I started sorting though my Giants minor leaguers and I have decided that they will get their own binder and not be mixed in with the rest of my Giants annual binders. I didn't have this mini in my team set as he is listed as an Oriole but since I scored it in this trade I decided to add him in.

Josh sent this nice manupatch with a cool old school NY Giants patch.  Marichal is too young to have played in New York but was on some teams with guys from the Big Apple.  To me the manupatches are hit or miss, this one is definitely a hit although I think a picture of Juan in a home uni with Giants stitched across the front would have been an improvement so you don't have the SF/NY clash.

I started with vintage and will end with vintage.  This Thomasson was a nice upgrade over the card I had in my team set.  Recently I have decided to start working on a 1971 set so while this Gaylord Perry was a dup, it has now found a nice new home in my 1971 Working Set box.

Josh, I hope you find some time to blog in the near future but I totally understand that family has to come first.  My only way of making time is staying up after the wife and kids go to bed.  Thanks for the great trade!

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