Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oddball Pick Ups

I have a seller saved on eBay that seems to specialize in Oddball and more rare cards.  For the third time in the last couple of years I recently picked up a lot of cards for the Giants collection. His prices are reasonable, many are priced at 99 cents Buy It Now and almost all are under $2.  This time I actually bid on a few auction items as well but still got everything for a nice price. Even better, because of the number of cards I bought he waived the shipping cost.  There is no promise of this in his listing, just does it as he is a great seller.

Here are the cards I picked up:
 I guess these really aren't oddballs but I am drawn to the shiny cards. The Tribute cards are beautiful and I am regretting not putting the base cards from the Tribute brand on my 2014 focus list.  It may be a mid year addition.  I also picked up the Xfractor of former Giants starting SS Brian Bocock (man was he terrible) and former CF Aaron (thank god the Giants signed Barry Zito so my horrible contract is forgotten) Rowand.

The oddballs begin with a nice group of Will Clark cards.  I am slowly filling in gaps in my Giants collection from the small sets put out by Topps, Fleer and Score and this seller helped me out once again.  The bottom right card is a Broder card.  I recall these being popular when I was hitting shows in the late 80s and have a few in my collection. I sure wish that I could track down a checklist of the cards Broder produced.  I found one web site that appears to be trying.  

 The top line of cards here are from a set called the "Great Plains Greats" put out by the Sheraton Inn  hotel chain. The are slightly larger than a normal card and appear to feature players that were born in the Great Plains area.  I am not sure if this is a Giants team set or not, I need to do a little more research to find out, but I am happy to start my collection with these 3 oddballs.  The Reuschel is another mini set addition from a Topps release.  The Jeff Leonard disc is a nice little oddball and was put out by Thom McAn. I lost an auction for one with blue instead of yellow.  Here is the back of the disc:

Those are all nice additions but the biggest part of the package contained a bunch of MSA Discs from 1976 and 1977.  In all I picked up discs of 4 different players, Vida Blue, Bill Madlock, John Montefusco and Bobby Murcer.

 Most of the discs have the 4 stars across the top but I scanned the 2 anomalies in the Holiday Inn and Crane discs.   I also scanned the backs of the different types of discs I picked up in this purchase, 11 different backs in all.

Some of Montefusco's discs are from 1976 while others are from 1977.  Here is a breakdown of the backs I picked up for each of the players:

Vida Blue: Carousel and Orbaker’s
Bobby Murcer: Carousel, Crane, Orbaker’s and Towne Club
Bill Madlock: Chilly Williee, Dairy Isle, Detroit Caesars, Holiday Inn and Zip’z
John Montefusco (1976): Buckmans, Carousel, Crane, Orbaker’s, Red Barn and Towne Club
John Montesfusco (1977): Chilly Willee, Dairy Isle, Detroit Caesars and Zip’z

Prior to this purchase, I had very few MSA discs in my collection so I was happy to pick up so many for a good deal and no shipping.   Overall I am very happy to add all the oddballs to my collection and greatly appreciate this seller.  As his inventory of new oddballs increases, I suspect I will be making another multicard purchase from him.


  1. I know it's about the oddballs which are interesting and fun but I do like those top three the most. BTW, I had a Chilly Willie today. I went outside. ;)

    1. buddaboom.... Hackebush will be here till Thursday Ladies and Gents, and please tip your waitresses.

  2. I've been waiting for someone to write up a post and show off the different variations for those MSA discs. Very nice pickups... and kudos to the dealer who shipped them for free.