Saturday, January 11, 2014

Embarrassing Trade Post #2 - Dime Boxes

Time to rip off another band aid.  I have mentioned several times about some older trades that I never posted and over the next couple weeks I am committed to getting caught up and celebrating these trades from long ago. How long ago you may ask, I am not 100% certain but know I scanned the cards back in May of 2013.

In all I believe I will have 7 of these embarrassing posts and I am going to shoot for one every other day.  I need to show my appreciation for these great bloggers who added to my collection.  This trade is one I made with Nick from the fantastic Dime Boxes blog.

The first are these 2012 Panini Cooperstown cards, I believe we completed our trade before the 2013 edition even came out.  This is one of my favorite sets of all time and I am now an insert and a few SPs away from completing this challenging set.  These fit in well to my Giants collection as well.  Ironically, I dropped off a trade package this week to Nick that include 4 of his wants from this set along with a nice stack of 2013 Cooperstown cards.

Next up are a bunch of Giants from some random sets.  The Chrome Bowman Heritage cards are pretty cool and I only had 1 of them prior to this trade. The Flagship parallels are always nice additions.  The JT Snow Zenith card is cool, I actually bought a box of these at my old OC LCS and it is a great product.  I also scored a couple Should be a HOFer Barry Bonds cards in the trade.

Here are some nice and fancy Giants HOFers.  The SP cards were completely new to me and usually I am not a fan of cards with so much empty space but these are very well done.  The Mathewson is from an UD Hall of Fame set that I think I have an entire set of.  I need to see if I can dig it up, it might make for a nice blog feature.  The Mathewson was new to my Giants binder.

Finally another group of retired and HOF Giants.  The top row of oddballs were great additions to my collection - I love me some oddballs.  The middle row features cards I was very familiar with and thought they were dups but in the end I did need them.  I had the bottom 3 already in my collection but I have a friend's son that will enjoy them in my next Giants box give away.

Thanks for the trade Nick.  I haven't kept track but I do know we have made a few.  Keep up the great blogging and I promise the package you are putting together for me will be shared in a much shorter time frame.

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  1. Glad you liked these! Those '05 Legendary Cuts cards are favorites of mine as well.

    I just dropped your latest package in the mail this afternoon, so keep an eye out!