Sunday, January 27, 2013

Group Break and Trade Post with Home of the Toddfather

A few weeks back I participated in Tim's 2nd group break over at his creatively named Home of the Toddfather blog.  He was cracking 3 different Upper Deck products and for the reasonable price of entry, I had to jump in.

Here are the cards from the 2002 UD MVP box that I needed for my Giants collection:
I nice trio that includes 2 Bonds (and all 3 suspected juicers!).  I am now just one card short of this team set, Robb Nen #218.  If you happen to have it, drop me a note.

The other boxes didn't have much that I needed going into the break but I was able to add these to the Giants collection:
The ProSigs card is a Silver parallel which is pretty cool.  Mr. Williams is the only Giant in the base set so I wasn't really expecting to get anything.  The two Lofton's were nice additions as well.

I did get these duplicate Giants to my collection:
Tim also tossed in a few cards from the unclaimed teams:
If you happen to need any of the cards from the last two pictures, let me know.

Finally, Tim sent me a group of cards towards my Triple Play set:
I scored one Halladay as a kid base card and 6 stickers.  Going through this package and checking these off my set want list made me realize I need to do some serious work on my 2012 sets.  Time to get to work and look for some inexpensive ways to finish up these sets.  Trading has almost dried up and I am ready to jump into 2013 Topps.

Thanks for the group break and the trade Tim!

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