Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Trade Post - Daily Dimwit

My trading has gotten off to a slow start in 2013, just busy with work and the new baby and trying to figure out a routine that includes all my must dos mixed in with all my want to dos.  I think I am getting close so I am hoping to ramp up on the trades and post a little more frequently.

Fortunately I did see Sam's post on The Daily Dimwit about some Panini Cooperstown cards he broke and quickly reached out to make some progress on my quest to complete the insert sets.  Fortunately my doubles pile matched up nicely with Sam's want list and we were able to strike up another nice trade.

Here are the goods:

 I really like these High Praise inserts with a quote about the featured player.  My favorite in this trio is the Seaver card with Reggie Jackson saying "Blind people come to the park to listen to Tom Seaver pitch."  The Field Generals are a pretty nice design.  The photos of the old Ballparks are amazing, I wish the set was larger.  Finally a card featuring one of the most famous cards.

The second batch of inserts. Not a huge fan of the Credentials with no photo but I needed the McCovey for the McCovey binder and the Murray for the insert set.  The induction cards feature the HOFer in his suit on induction day - glad to add the Yogi.  One day I hope to get a behind the scenes tour of the Hall of Fame but until then I can look at historic artifacts on these Famous Moments cards.

Sam also included some Giants card from a past break where he got the Giants as his random team.  I received a needed base cards and two minis. I have never opened any of this product but may need to seek out a box, I like the look.

And the final 3 cards are Gypsy Queen minis from the same break as the Goudey cards.  The Cain has a Straight Cut back and the other 2 have the Gypsy Queen back. I needed 2 of the 3 but can't remember which of the Gypsy Queen backs was a dup.  At one point I was considering a push to complete all versions of this set.  That may be out of reach but I am still going to get all I can.

Thanks for the trade Sam!  Check out his football break, I really want it to happen and we are in danger of it not happening.  There are some really great teams available.

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