Thursday, January 17, 2013

Topps Legends Short Prints

Last week I was working on updating my 2012 checklist and want list and realized there was a Willie Mays SP in the 2012 Topps base set.  It parallels card #330.  It parallels Matt Kemp.  Outside of a huge disconnect with Mr. Kemp playing for the evil ones in blue, it probably isn't too bad of a comparison. Mays was a 5-tool player and Kemp brings some solid tools to the diamond as well.

At first I was a little bummed that I have another card to chase.  I thought I had the full team set for the Topps base sets.  However I had a quick change of heart.  I am not a huge fan of some of the gimmicks Topps pulls (including leaving out card #7 which it appears will happen again in 2013) but this is one I like.

I will happily share my Mays card once I get it but thought I would share a trio from back in 2009 that I picked up late last year to finish off my 2009 Topps team base set:

I love the photos of Mathewson and Ott, for some reason colorized old school photos work for me.  Not as big of a fan of the Marichal picture.  Let's grade how closely the player in each of these parallels makes sense.

#195 Christy Mathewson parallels Tim Lincecum -  A+ - to me this is a perfect match. A fellow Giant - check.  Right handed starting pitcher - check.  Track record of domination - check.  Everything lines up pretty well.  Although Mathewson is well known for being a perfect gentleman and Lincecum is known for his proclivity to toke up, maybe I should adjust the grade.  Nah, I will keep it on the diamond.

#240 Mel Ott parallels Ryan Braun - C - on the plus side, they are both know as pretty dominant hitters with all around ability and a lot of power.  On the minus side, Ott is left handed, Braun right.  The teams aren't close, Giants vs. Brewers.  Fairly decent comparison but not a perfect match by any means.

#476 Juan Marichal parallels Edison Volquez - B - Decent match, both are right handed starters hailing from the Dominican Republic.  Both are decent strikeout pitchers but not known particularing for their ability to K batters.  However Volquez is a career .500 pitcher and the Dominican Dandy had a .631 winning percentage in his HOF career.  The nationality match gives this one the nod over the Ott/Braun matchup.

Any fans of these parallels?  I like it when they are the legendary players.  Appears from the 2013 Topps checklist that we won't be seeing any of these in Series 1 this year (but there sure are lots of current Giants!).

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  1. I don't have problem with these SPs...wait, yes I do. No, I don't...ah, yes, I hate them. I can't decide.