Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hall of Fame Autos - Craig Biggio

I know he isn't in yet but I am fairly certain that Craig Biggio will be in the Hall of Fame in the next year or two.  I decided to take a preemptive strike and add an auto of his to my Hall of Famer auto collection.  I saw a redemption card as a Sportlots auction and entered into a mini bidding war and was awarded this:

I flipped it over, scratched off the nasty black stuff and entered the redemption code.  Since it was a 2013 product I hoped my wait wouldn't be long.  In the end it only took 2-3 weeks which I was pretty happy with.  And here is the base auto relic I received in the mail:

Wow!!!  I was shocked.  This card is a beauty, just check out that patch.  If the auto was on card and not a sticker this card would be bordering on perfection.  I would bet that many of the lower numbered parallels of this card had seriously inferior swatches.  To top it off, I got an eBay 1/1 with the 99/99 numbering.  The redemption cost me $8.50 with $2.95 shipping, I think I got a heck of a deal.  Time to file this away with my other auto cards of the all time greats.


  1. What a patch! Within a two week span a couple months back I pulled a Biggio and Bagwell auto out of some boxes I opened. None near as nice as yours. What a great card.

  2. Wow. You totally got a great deal. For years Biggio's autograph was almost nonexistent. He's signed a lot for Topps the past two years, but the ones I've targeted rarely drop below $20 (and yours is a lot nicer).

  3. Good grief, you got a damn stellar card! Count me jealous.