Sunday, October 19, 2014

Say Hey, Another Mays Pick Up and Another Vintage Team Set

I just received this card in the mail a couple days back and I was happy to pull it in for an appropriate cost of $24 (Mays' jersey # was 24).  I love adding vintage Willie Mays cards to my collection but they are typically hard to come by at a reasonable price.  I scored this one in a Sportlots auction.  As you can see from the scan, this card is far from mint condition but it is also far from the worst conditioned card in my collection.  Looking on eBay I think I got a pretty good deal and a quick look at Beckett shows the "book value" is $200 for whatever that is worth.

This card also finished up a team set for me, while it is small in number it is fairly packed in star quality.  This team set features 2 HOFers in Mays and Orlando Cepeda and 2 other former All-Stars in Jim Davenport and Billy O'Dell. The 5th player, Joey Amalfitano is pictured in his Houston Colt 45s uniform, he played his first 4 seasons with the Giants, shifted over to Houston for the 1962 season and the 2nd pick in the expansion draft, then rejoined the Giants in 1963.

A couple years back I set a goal to complete this team set and the 1961 Fleer set.  I left that goal off this year's list but it has always been in the back of my mind.  This Mays card was the biggest obstacle.  I just picked up one of the two 1961 cards I needed but will save showing that off until I finish off that set.


  1. Nicely done. I think I may have to grab an Amalfitano even though he's listed on the Giants there. There are only so many Colt .45's cards, after all.