Friday, October 31, 2014


In all honesty, I am still in shock. I am writing this while watching the World Series victory parade so I know it must be real.  Prior to 2010 I had come to grips with the fact that I may never see a World Series victory from the team I had been following since my birth in 1971.  I was hoping for some good teams, some playoff appearances and hopefully a couple Hall of Famers along the way.  The thought that the SF Giants would win 3 World Series in a 5 year span is just unbelievable.  I hope everyone gets to experience this some day (preferably in another sport).

Quick story.  Last Saturday I had to fly to Orlando, FL (from the Los Angeles, CA area) for a work conference.  My company has a huge hub in the Kansas City area and I ended up attending this conference with a few Royals fans.  We joked leading up to the conference that as long as it didn't go 7 games we would be fine because the conference ended on Wednesday and we had flights to our respective homes Wednesday evening.  I had a lot of fun watching games with some good baseball fans and going through the emotional ups and downs of the series and what ended up happening - game 7.  I joked with my wife before leaving that if it went to game 7 I would stay over an extra night and on Wednesday morning I got a text stating "Are you still coming home tonight?".  After being away for 5 full days and nights I couldn't pull the trigger so to the airport I went.  We had a layover in Denver and I actually got to see the first 2 innings so I boarded the plane at 2-2.  I bought Southwest's wifi for $8 and jumped onto on my iPad.  I opened up the Game Center and, after about a 20 minute delay for boarding and connection, I was able to watch pitch by pitch play-by-play and 30 minutes before we landed I took a victory stroll down the center aisle.  I was so excited I came home and stayed up well past midnight watching the tape of the game.

I couple weeks back I bought a box of 2014 Stadium Club and at some point I will share the highlights of the box break.  I have to say the photography was the best of just about any set I can think of.  I don't know if it was worth the sticker price but it was a great break and I hope to put the base set together (If you have any extras, let me know).  I thought I would share the cards from 3 of the most prominent Giants from this year's World Championship team.

 First up is the Panda.  What a great series, setting the record for most hits in a post season. He played great defense and caught the final out for the victory.  I sure hope he is back next year, you have to think this title lined the owners coffers a bit so they need to pony up.  And check out this photo.  Perfectly timed with bat hitting ball.  Beautiful AT&T Park in the background with a packed house.  I love the catcher's glove peaking in on the right side.  I also love Pablo's concentration with his head on the ball as he swings.  This is a great in action photo.

 Next up is Hunter Pence.  He had a great series as well statistically along with being the emotional leader of the team.  He soaked in all the Hunter Pence signs and laughed them off, I think they inspired him.  He is perhaps the most awkward looking stud athlete I have ever seen. The dude is a 5 tool player and one of the best players in baseball.  I am loving this card, he is sporting a World Champion patch (this pic must be from 2013), is sporting some sweet shades and signing for the fans. Again Stadium Club gets it right.

Finally, the hero and MVP of the World Series, Madison Bumgarner.  Unless you have been completely out of touch, you know the numbers and the historic achievements Mad Bum put up this post season.  I won't regurgitate them here.  My friends in KC say he is equally feared, respected and hated by Royals fans.  One friend said he turned to his kid when he came in at the start of the 5th inning that the game is over.  This picture isn't as amazing as the other two but it is still pretty sweet.  I love the Friday orange jersey, the use of the horizontal card to demonstrate his wide open throwing style and the look of concentration on his face.

I am hoping we break the cycle and at least get into the playoffs in 2015 but even if we don't, I will bask in the glory of 3 in 5 years.  Go Giants!!!


  1. So glad technology was your friend on your homeward trip so you didn't miss much! I'm completely amazed how this team performed in October after a less-than-stellar regular season compounded by major injuries to Cain and Pagan. Today I pulled all of my duplicate Bruce Bochy cards from their place in the commons boxes and put them into my HOF binders...cause I'm convinced he's a first ballot guy now. Just an incredible managing job he did throughout the postseason. Those stadium club photos are great, reminds me of the great run they had from 1991-95. May have to pick some up.