Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Sweet Pair of Hoyt Wilhelm Relics

I typically don't pick up too many cards from high end products like Triple Threads and Tribute.  Maybe a McCovey or two and I sometimes stumble across a reasonably prices current or retired Giants star.  Surprisingly over the last couple weeks I have been able to pick up two relics of a former Giants Hall of Famer for just a few bucks a piece.

This emerald parallel of Hoyt Wilhelm is numbered to just 18 copies and features a nice photo of Hoyt in his NY Giants uniform rubbing up the ball.  There is a pinstripe through the jersey swatch.  I don't recall the Giants wearing pinstripes and I am guessing this is a White Sox jersey even though he is pictured as a Giant.  I scored this card on eBay for under $9, including shipping.

I scored an even better deal on this sepia parallel numbered to 27 copies.  I picked it up on my LCS bid board for under $5.  It once again features a swatch from the assumed White Sox jersey but features an even better picture.  In this one, Hoyt is posing with his trademark knuckle ball grip.  Hoyt is featured on quite a few of his cards this way and I love it.

What excited me about these two cards is that he is featured as a Giant on both.  This surprises me as it doesn't appear to be a Giants jersey and the Giants were just 1 of 9 teams he played on during his career.  He did play for the Giants to start his career and for a total of 5 years which is tied for his second longest tenure with a team (6 years with the White Sox and 5 years with the Orioles).  Several players have multiple pictures/versions of their Triple Threads cards and these two are Hoyt's only versions.  I am very happy to have one of each in my collection!


  1. Jersey aside they're great looking cards. The swatches look modern to me so they may be from an old-timers game. Just a guess.

  2. I can get behind any post about the Hoytster. Great cards!

  3. Yep yep, great couple of Hoyts!