Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mission Accomplished - My 1973 Topps Set is Complete!

After months of patience and combing through daily eBay emails I finally pulled the trigger and bought the final card to complete my 1973 Topps Set.

It definitely isn't in mint condition but it fits nicely into the overall condition of the set.  This Mike Schmidt (and Ron Cey) rookie is the most expensive card in the set and that definitely pushed it to the end of my set quest.

This extends my consecutive run of Topps sets from 1973-2014 but may be my last completed vintage set for a while.  I am currently working on all 3 sets from 1970-1972 and really need a strategy on how to progress.  My focus was on the 1970 set but the high numbers are tough to track down and super expensive.  I may just slowly whittle away at all 3 sets until I get a surprising windfall or find a source for inexpensive high numbered cards.


  1. Congrats! And I'm most impressed with the 1973-2014 thing.

    P.S.: That's not Cey's rookie card. His is in the '72 set.

  2. Great looking card! Congrats on finishing the set!

  3. 1973-2014? Super jealous. Way to go!

  4. Great pickup -- and congratulations on finishing the set.

  5. nicely done. i'll check your want lists for the 70 and 71 sets - i have some dupes.