Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Completed Giants Vintage Team Set - 1961 Fleer

Back in 2012 and 2013 I had set a goal to complete my 1961 and 1963 Fleer Giants team sets.  I recently shared my 1963 set completion, if you missed it check it out.  That tough Mays acquisition inspired me to try and finish off the 1961 set and I have now achieved that goal.  Here are the final 3 cards I needed to complete the set.

This Hughie Critz card was actually acquired over 2 years ago back when this set was one of my annual goals.  I had never showed it and it was still in my scanned folder so I figured I would include it here.  Critz had a 12 year career with the Reds and Giants.  He was a .268 career hitter and was runner up in the MVP race in 1926.

About 2 weeks ago I brought home the card of Joe "Iron Man" McGinnity.  I love how they used his nickname.  He spent 7 of hit 10 years with the NY Giants around the turn of the century (he spent 2.5 years with Baltimore - 1 in the NL and 1.5 in the AL and 1 year with the Brooklyn Superbas).  In those 10 years he has a W/L record of 246-142 with a 2.66 ERA and was inducted into the HOF in 1946 by the Old Timers Committee. 

The final card is also a Giants HOFer, Ross Youngs.  He played his entire 10 year career with the Giants in the teens and twenties and was a lifetime .322 hitter.  This card proved challenging to obtain as it was the last card in the set.  There were times I did eBay searched and none of these came up, regardless of condition.  When this one popped up with a reasonable buy it now, I jumped and now have a great completed vintage team set.

Here is the entire team set with a bonus Fleer Team Pennant Decal.  Lots of star and HOF power in this team set.  Enjoy.