Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Giants Win the Pennant!!!

I have been a little quiet during the playoffs, with all the great games it has been hard to pull myself away from the television to blog.  With the Giants win tonight I got a nice shot of adrenalin so I pulled a card out of my "hits" box of tonight's hero.

 Travis Ishikawa's clutch 3-run homer was the first walk off NLCS homer to decide a series.  The guy has a great story and this card from back in 2003 shows how long ago he was a Giant's prospect.  To go from a released player about to quit baseball to a starting left fielder and playoff hero during the same season is almost a story beyond belief.  I have lots of friends at work that live in KC and are big Royals fans so the World Series should be a blast.

Topps has been selling all kinds of stuff for the playoffs and I picked up this poster a few days back:

 It got delivered a couple days back and looks amazing.  It measures 11"X17" and is printed on something similar to vintage card stock from the 70s and 80s.  The poster is limited to 99 copies and I was lucky enough to get 01/99 (an eBay 1/1!).  I have been tempted on several of the Topps offerings but I pulled the trigger on this due to the awesome Orange color, the design looks cool and the player selection is right on.  Trying to figure out the best way to hang it without damaging it and without paying to frame it.

Time to finish up for tonight and maybe sort some cards to wind down.  Crazy as it may seem, this was the match up I picked at the beginning of the playoffs.  I wish I would have entered the World Series contest this year :-)