Tuesday, May 5, 2015

1951 Bowman Pick Ups

I have been picking up 1951 Bowman cards over the last few months in Sportlots auctions trying to inch closer to the team set.  This isn't a team set I ever suspect to complete because it includes Willie Mays rookie card but my goal is to acquire the other 20 cards.  This is one of the best looking sets ever for me I haven't been picky about condition.

I am now at 13 of the 20 cards with 9 of them being picked up fairly recently.  I believe I was fortunate to have picked up a card,  the Ed Stanky below (note the creases at the top down through part of the card) that got damaged in the mail which may sound odd on the surface.  I contacted the seller who I have bought quite a few vintage cards from on Sportlots Auctions and he offered to refund my money. I told him that I wasn't trying to get a refund, just let him know that the way he packed it helped lead to the damage but knowing he was a good seller I wasn't trying to nickel and dime him.  He asked if I was interested in any more 1951 Bowman cards that had creases and we ended up making a deal for 5 of his cards for only $6 delivered.

The $6 cards include Whitey Lockman, Jim Hearn, Dave Koslo, Wes Westrum and Jack Lohrke.  I see these cards as mini pieces of art so I am just going to allow you to view them without my babbling commentary.  Enjoy!


  1. Bobby Thomson - BOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!
    That said, what a way to turn a bad shipping experience into a great deal.
    Those 51's are beauties

  2. I love when the old cards include nicknames. I wonder how Jack Lohrke got to be "Lucky".

  3. Those are just awesome.....is the complete team set 22 including Mays or just 21? My old Fritsch checklist makes it 22.