Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Trade Post - Brad's Blog

I have shared many of my successes in the LCS $10 mystery packs.  I have won some great autos and relics, both baseball and football, and a bunch of rookies, relics and autos to use as trade bait as well.  One day a win turned into trade bait.  I got a 3rd prize winning card and decided to select a Bowman auto of Ryan Howard to send the way of Brad over at Brad's Blog.  I knew Brad was a big Howard collector so I had to send it his way.

I made sure he already didn't have the card in his collection but didn't wait for a notice on what he was going to send back.  A little while later I got a nice stack of Giants in return and I thought I would share the highlights of the trade package.

These are some of my favorites, all of these cards have design elements that make them great cards.  The 1989 design on the Topps Chrome inserts like this Posey are great. The refractor finish tops it off for one great card.  I love the old Flair cards from the mid-90s and I am happy to have a few new ones to pick up on the basketball side from Fleer Retro.  I remember getting one pack of the Flair cards, they were basketball, and they came in a nice cardboard box.  I seem to recall getting a Hakeem Olajuwon but nothing particularly fantastic but that didn't turn me off from the brand.  The Bumgarner purple border parallel is a great card and must be pretty rare as there just don't seem to be that may cards at the Toys R Us' I visit.  I am not sure there has been a better card design that these 94 Finest cards, I love the shiny and the green.  Finally those crazy code cards from a few years back in Ginter.  I am amazed that these code breakers can do what they do. I don't recall hearing anything about a broken code last year, does anyone know anything about that? 

Here is another group of nice cards.  I am a fan of the Score Gold Rush parallels, maybe it was growing up in Northern California gold country that made me a fan of anything gold but I am.  The purple parallel Kyle Crick card was missing from my checklist and want list so I am glad to have gotten it and for being able to update the Giants checklist.  Finally any Barry Bonds insert, especially from Fleer products, is a good get for this Giants fan.

Finally, Brad included 3 autograph cards of Giants prospects from the past.  I am a fan of picking up the cards of these Giants that barely were, I have quite a number in my collection and am glad to add some.  In fact this inspired a where are they now post I am working on for some of my recent prospect auto pick ups.

Thanks Brad for the great group of cards, they are greatly appreciated!