Tuesday, May 26, 2015

1951 Topps

I don't know if you saw the news but it appears Topps will be releasing a Heritage set based on their initial release in 1951.  Cardboard Connection give the details here.  It will be released in box set format like the last couple years of Heritage update and will consist of 104 cards.  They will be in the design of the original red and blue back cards from the original 1951 Topps release.  Apparently each box set will also have 21 parallels and an autograph.  I am not sure what the price point will be but my LCS owner guesses around $100.  I am not sure if I am going to pick this set up, I typically haven't gone after these boxed sets but this one may pull me in.  I also may just try and pick up the base set after someone has cracked one chasing after the Kris Bryant autograph card.

I am a fan of the 1951 set but haven't really actively pursued the Giants from this set for some odd reason.   The team set is only 6 cards deep and with a recent pickup of a Whitey Lockman card, I now have 2 cards from the set, here is the Lockman:

I think these are cool looking cards and I wonder if this new set may drive up some collector interest.  In addition to the Lockman, I have Wes Westrum's card. I need to pick up Larry Jansen, Henry Thompson, Eddie Stanky and Monte Irvin.  The Irvin is listed as his rookie and will probably command the highest price.  I think I may need to focus on finishing this set in the next couple months, it would be great to have another team set from the 50s complete.

What are your thoughts on this set?  Do you like it?  Will you be going after any or all of the Heritage set that honors this one?


  1. In recent months, my appreciation for this set and other 'non-traditional' earlier Topps sets(1968 Game) has grown. I like the idea of the box set coming out in the fall, I'm looking forward to it.

  2. I'm 7 cards away from the redback set (need Spahn, Rizzuto, and DiMaggio, but at least it's not Joe!). I also pick up the Bowman Heritage versions when I find them (from 2005, I think). Look forward to this boxed set later on.

  3. Hadn't heard of the box set, thanks for the info. Love the originals, probably have 7-8 of them at this point and always looking for more...

  4. Not really interested, would rather chase the rest of the Dodgers I need from the '51 set.