Saturday, May 30, 2015

Player Collection Catch Up - Ben Petrick

One of my goals in 2015 was to place a little more focus and pick up some cards to grow my player collections.  I have made varying degrees of progress but decided it was time to post updates for some of the players to gauge my progress.  In this post I will share some of my more recent Ben Petrick pickups. 

My recent base card pick ups happen to number 9 and fit perfectly on my scanner screen.  Petrick has a number of really nice looking cards.  My favorites here are the Fleer Focus in the middle and the 3 along the bottom.  The Topps Fusion was a really odd release.  I recall buying a few packs when it first came out and it was pretty confusing with all the different designs.

This is a nice looking die cut auto.  The use of the baseball makes for a great design.  As a matter of fact, 2014 National Treasures has some autos with a very similar design.  

This Topps Gallery card came to me for only a buck or so.  While I am a big fan of the Topps Gallery design, this card doesn't really differentiate itself from a design perspective from other autos.  I think I may have preferred a more artistic feel to the card.

The final card in this post is this nice looking Topps Chrome dual relic.  This is a cool concept for a relic design and could also work with a trio of outfielders or maybe a double play duo.  The pinstripes are a nice addition to this card.  my only beef is that the small lettering above the names indicate there is a piece of jersey and a piece of bat when this is obviously 2 jerseys.  Regardless, I really like this card.

I am thinking I am ready for another infusion into the Petrick collection in the near future.I currently have 128 of his 308 cards or 41.6%.  I would love to add another 26 cards to get to the 50% mark.


  1. I need to grab one of those battery mates for my Petrick binder. I have looked at some, but bypassed on most of them (and probably this very card).

    I need to get some cards going - I am 45 cards behind you.

  2. I just saw the video of his ESPN:60 appearance from a few years back. What a story.

    1. Just watched the video. I had read some articles but hadn't seen that. Such a sad story but it seems like he is doing a little better now.