Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2015 Gint-A-Cuffs - Packs 10-12

I am bringing 69 points into this grouping of cards.  Still no Yankees which is pretty cool and quite a few Giants.  I still have a couple hits left in the box, maybe one will show up in these 3 packs.

Pack 10
Scoring Cards:
Mark Teixeira (Yankee) - -1
Polio Vaccine (Great Scott insert) - +2

Pack Total = +1
Running Total = +70

Cursed by a Yankee and not too much to compensate for it.  Rough start to the post.

Pack 11
Scoring Cards:
Anthony Rizzo (other favorite player) - +2
Yasiel Puig (Starting Points insert) - +2
John W. Gates mini (MBT insert) - +2

Pack Total - +6
Running Total - +76

Pack 12
Scoring Cards:
Justin Verlander (Full-Size Topps A&G buyback) - +3
Cutlass (Ancient Armory insert) - +2
Shin-Soo Choo mini (short print) - +3

Pack Total = +8
Running Total = +84

We reach the half-way point plus box topper at 84 points.  At this point my final score would project to be 160 points, doubt that is even close to contention.

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  1. Hey, don't get cocky.. I'm atop the early-results leader board with 159.6 points. I don't think I'll last at #1 for long, but it's been a good run. lol