Monday, August 17, 2015

2015 Gint-A-Cuffs - Packs 4-6

I am working to complete the base set so if you have some cards to trade, check out my Set Want List tab and let's made a deal!

I started off fairly strong with my boxtopper and first 3 packs, here are 3 more packs. let's see how I do.

Pack 4
Scoring Cards:
Tim Hudson (favorite team) - +1
Catapult (Ancient Armory insert) - +2
Ian Desmond mini (Short Print A&G back) - +5

Pack Total = +8
Running Total = +41

A pretty strong back and will the no-Yankee streak continue?  I don't know if I have cracked a box of cards in quite a while that didn't have a Yankee in it by the 4th pack.

Pack 5
Scoring Cards:
Brandon Belt (favorite team, other favorite player) - +3
Torii Hunter (Starting Points insert) - +2
Hermes mini (Mythological Menaces) +2

Pack Total = +7
Running Total = +48

Pack 6
Scoring Cards:
Madison Bumgarner (my favorite team & player) - +5
Continental Drift (Great Scott insert) - +2

Pack Total = +5
Running Total = +53

No hits in this group but 20 points over 3 packs.  Not great but the no Yankee streak continues.  I hope that doesn't catch up with me.

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