Friday, October 26, 2012

2012 Finest Box Break #2

I don't know why I do this to myself.  I went into my LCS a couple weeks back and there wasn't anything new out and I had the urge to bust some cards.  I had picked up a box of Finest before and didn't learn my lesson.  I was thinking of going after the base set with the second box and ended up scoring a boat load of duplicates in this second box break.  The only thing that may be able to save this is if I can turn some of these cards into Giants that I want.

If you need any base from this set, let me know and I can check my list.

Here are the inserts I pulled:
I am a fan of the two die cut insert sets.  The Heyward card just doesn't do it for me.  Over half the card is the team logo, I would prefer some other design element or a bigger player photo.  All 4 are for trade.

Here are the Refractor Parallels:

A few Rookies mixed in but nothing as exciting as the Yu Darvish green in the last box.  Again, all for trade, Reds fans and Blue Jays fans should enjoy this group.

Speaking of Reds' fans, I got an autograph of rookie catcher Devin Mesoraco.  I like that this is an on card auto, wish we saw more of that.

 The last card is an Orange parallel relic/auto of Chris Parmelle. It is serial numbered 59/99.  Wish the player excited me more but to be honest, outside of him being a former first rounder, I don't know too much about him.

As stated before, all of these are for trade.  I have to refrain from going into the LCS unless I have a better plan of attack on what to buy.


  1. Wow - I second your Heyward comment. That card looks like crap.

  2. Agreed, Heyward card looks awful. It looks like a manu-patch. But it isn't even a manu-patch.

    I will say, I do kind of like the cards overall. The insert that you pulled a Felix of looks cool.

  3. you get any extra Rockies for example the Jacheco?

  4. Adam- If you pulled the Marlins card of Matt Dominguez please let me know. That is the last Marlin I need to finish the team set. Ironically, I am chasing a current Astro, to finish a Marlins project.. Thanks.