Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Contest

I have been slacking a little bit with a post World Series Celebration "hangover".  I still need to put together a fitting tribute to my team and close out last week's contest.  All in good time.

But it is Wednesday again and time for another give away.  Let's go with another positional list this week, the first basemen seemed like a popular topic so for this week's contest, post a comment with your list of your 3 favorite second basemen of all time from your favorite team.  If you don't have a favorite team, just list your favorite 3 second basemen of all time.   I will close it out on Saturday night and all the people that enter will be randomed on 3 times to identify a winner. 

I will share mine to get everyone started.

1. Robby Thompson - Thompson was a very solid second basemen on the teams of the mid 80s to mid 90s - prime time for my Giants viewing. He finished 2nd in the ROY voting to Todd Worrell in 1986, was a 2-time All Star and 1-time Gold Glove and Silver Slugger winner. I remember his first couple years he was Rob and switched to Robby once he established himself.  Lots of fond memories of seeing him play as I grew up.

2. Jeff Kent - Lots to like about Kent.  He has some of the best statistics of any second baseman in baseball history.  He had no issues standing up to Barry Bonds.  He is doing well on this season of Survivor, even getting the one person who recognized who he was voted off pretty early.  He wasn't too skilled at washing his truck but he was one of the best at his position.  I am very curious to see what happens when he is up for the HOF.

3. Joe Morgan - Yes he only played a couple years for the Giants and was on the downside of his career but I remember the excitement of the Giants getting the 2-time MVP and World Champion in the early 80s. He does have one of the more memorable Giants moments of the early 80s, hitting a HR to knock the Dodgers out of the playoffs - you have to respect that!

Let's see your top 3 for an entry into the Wednesday Weekly Contest!


  1. Favorite Cubs second basemen:

    1. Mike Fontenot
    2. Ryne Sandberg
    3. Billy Herman

    Because he's one of those "scrappy" little guys that I love to watch, Fontenot has always been one of my favorites in today's game.

  2. Paul Molitor, Rickie Weeks, and Jim Gantner.

  3. Jackie Robinson
    Blake DeWitt
    Jeff Kent

  4. I am horrified by your selections. I don't even like Jeff Kent and he was a Dodger!

    1. Jackie Robinson
    2. Davey Lopes
    3. Steve Sax

    I think the majority of Dodger fans would pick those three.

    (honorable mention for Ted Sizemore who as a kid I thought was tremendous, even though his best years were with Cardinals).

  5. Mine are the same as night owl's except I give the honorable mention to Jim lefebvre.

  6. There hasn't been a ton of great Orioles 2nd basemen but here goes:

    Roberto Alomar, Brian Roberts, Delino DeShields

  7. Chase Utley
    Mickey Morandini
    Jackie Robinson

  8. Craig Biggio
    Ryne Sandberg
    Bill Doran

  9. Wally Backman
    Gregg Jeffries
    Tim Teufel

  10. Roberto Alomar, Orlando Hudson, Aaron Hill

  11. I 2nd Mickey Morandini (Harry Kalas said the name like no other), Chase Utley and Cupid Childs has the best name of any phillies 2nd baseman in history

  12. Not many great second basemen in Rockies history, but here goes.
    1. Eric Young
    2. Mike Lansing
    3. Ronnie Belliard

  13. Man, the Padres have had pretty slim pickings when it comes to second basemen. I think Mark Loretta is probably the best we've had in San Diego, but my 3 favorites would be:

    3. Quilvio Veras
    2. Alexi Amarista
    1. Bip Roberts

    1. Wait, did we all just get Bipped?

    2. I'll change it. Bip is all 20 of my Top 20 Padre second basemen!

      NOW you've all been Bipped.

  14. Another Cub fan:
    1. Ryno
    2. The newly awarded Gold Glover: Darwin Barney
    3. Mickey Morandini

    For the record, I attend 15-20 Peoria Chiefs games a summer. Barney was the starting SS in 2007 for the Chiefs and Sandberg was the manager. That was a good summer!

  15. Red Sox (In recent years)
    3. Freddy Sanchez- has had a great career (just not w/ the sox....hope he gets and stays healthy)

    2. Todd Walker

    1. Dustin Pedroia- Las-ah Show

  16. Nationals fave team 2nd Basemen
    1. Danny Espinosa
    2. Willie Harris
    3. Ronni Belliard

  17. 2nd Base is a tough one for the Cardinals. Especially lately, where it's just the place we put the hottest bench bat as long as the guy won't make a complete fool of himself in the field. Thus, I'm going old school.

    Red Schoendienst
    Jose Oquendo
    Rogers Hornsby

    Red and Jose probably don't make the list based on their playing days alone, but have been great coaches for the Cardinals as well. And Hornsby played 12 of 22 seasons with the Cardinals, winning an MVP along the way and several batting titles, enough to forgive his time on the Cubs ;)

  18. Mike Lansing
    Jason Bates
    Eric Young, Sr.

  19. 3. Dick McAuliffe
    2. Charlie Gehringer
    1. Lou Whitaker

    Now we just need to find a decent second baseman for the current Tigers.

  20. i gotta go with jackie robinson, steve sax for comedy relief, and jeff kent.

    leaving kent's supposed cold attitude in the clubhouse aside, he played his ass off every single game he wore a Dodger uni.

    jeff kent hit the first home run of the 4 consecutive HR's i saw vs. the padres.

  21. Hmm... I'll go with Fernando Vina, Tommy Herr and Mark Grudzielanek.

  22. Looks like I am the first to chime in with the White Sox:

    1) Nellie Fox
    2) Tadahito Iguchi
    3) Gordon Beckham

    Honorable mention: Eddie Collins was good according to his stats, but I never saw the guy play (nor any video)

    1. Gotta love Iguchi! I was stoked when the Padres picked him up, but he had a tough go in SD. He was awesome in '05 though!

  23. Well you took some of my faves since I'm a die-hard Giants Fan (we are the champions) so I will pick all time

    Ryno Sandberg
    Tito Fuentes (got to meet him years ago)
    Joe Morgan ( there is a reason he's in the hof)

  24. Rod Carew, Roberto Alomar and Davey Lopes!

  25. Going again with Mets I've actually seen, it's slim pickings after #1. I'll go with Edgardo Alfonzo, Jose Valentin (based on his contributions to the '06 team), and Jeff Kent.