Sunday, October 21, 2012

2012 Topps Update Jumbo Box Break & Trade Bait

Now that the contest is complete, I can share all the goods from my 2012 Topps Update purchases so far.  I picked up a Jumbo box, a Jumbo pack and a few other packs over the span of a couple visits to the LCS.  I also scored a Blaster from Walmart. I am not going to bore you with pics of all the base cards, there have been plenty of those out already - the price to being late to the party in getting my posts up.

For the last several years, my LCS owner sets aside a Jumbo box of Series 1, Series 2 and Update when they come out.  With the exception of Update back in 2010, the Jumbo box completes my base set and I just need to trade for or purchase the inserts and Giants.  This set was no different, I was able to complete my set.

What I am hoping to do is work some trades with some other team collectors that can help me on my want list or some other Giants that I might need.  So let me show everything I have for trade.

First up, the gold parallels. These are numbered to 2012 and cover all 3 series.  With regards to Giants, I only got 1 but I remedied this by buying the entire team set (minus #92 which features Tim Lincecum as a leader).  All of these are for trade and I tried to scan them by team.

Here are the gold sparkles I pulled, I only got 1 Giant - Hunter Pence. I haven't pulled the trigger on any purchases so if you have any Giants from the Update set, let me know what we can work out.
 I am trying to put together all 4 insert sets but I did end up with a few duplicates.  My needs are listed under the Set Want List tab above.  Would love to make a trade for some of these, big or small.

These are some random cards including a nice black border (just wish it were a better player).  I will probably hold onto Mitt, he has a good chance in Indiana and I figure I might as well enter the contest.  The Granderson is an SP parallel.

Here are a few other random cards that are for trade as well. I picked these up after the above scans were done.  Some more golds and another black border as well.
I wasn't lucky enough to pull any Giants in the Walmart parallel packs but I was lucky enough to pull a Bryce Harper with the Rookie Logo.  Again, all are up for trade.

My blaster yielded a Prince Fielder Logo Patch Blockbusters card.  I actually like this design a little better than some of the other Manupatches from past years.

Here are my 3 hits from the box.  First up is the contest winning card of Warren Spahn.  Very cool card and it is HEAVY. If you are looking for one of these and your shop is selling packs of Jumbos, be careful of searchers.  It was pretty obvious picking up the pack that there was something heavy inside.

 I scored an All-Star relic of Joey Votto of the Reds, who the Giants dispatched of in the LDS.  Sure would have liked to score a Giant, there are a few in the set, but my luck is never that good.

 My last hit was an auto of Jesus Montero, the future star of the Mariners.  I think his stuff has taken a hit since he was traded from the Yankees.  I actually have another auto from him from Topps Pro Debut.

 As mentioned before, all of these cards are for trade.  I would love to knock a bunch of the inserts and Giants off my want list before having to his Sportlots for some singles.  Check out my lists and lets make a deal.


  1. Hey! I am interested in the Hanley, Kemp, Iwakuma, and Uehara gold serial numbered cards. I will dig through my cards to come up with cards for your set and want lists.

  2. Well, I'll take the Victorino and Abreu blue border cards then.

  3. I'd love the gold Cardinals that you posted here. I've picked up a fair amount of Update stuff and will email you soon with what I can send in return.

  4. Definitely interested in the Gold Angels and gold Mike Napoli!

  5. Hey Adam, I'd be interested in the Holland Gold, the Gold Sparkles of Liriano and Francisco Cordero, and the Blue Ben Sheets if they're still available. I should have a few things from your set/Giants needs.