Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trade Post - Classic Card Collector

I recently made a great trade with Brian over at Classic Card Collector blog.  Brian reached out to me with an offer of 50 or so 1973 cards from my want list and a few of my other set needs.  We quickly worked out a deal where I sent a big box of his set needs for the 73s and a few other of my set needs.  Here are the highlights of my package.

 I received over 50 cards for my 1973 set and decide do share my favorite 18.  I this first group we see some great action shots.  The Luis Alvarado has been featured in a couple different blogs and I love it and am very happy to have it.  A great picture of Belanger turning two and Bob Oliver completing a play at first base with an Oakland A hustling down the baseline.  Dick Selma's card features him making a pitch to a Giants batter (maybe Dave Kingman?).  A great celebration card of the Big Red Machine.  The bottom 3 have great backgrounds with a spring training field, a stadium and a batting cage in the background - great stuff very common in the 1973 set.  Finally a nice action shot featuring HOFer Willie "Pops" Stargell.
 This next group also features more great photography.  Rich hand is deliver a pitch to a player in a beautiful yellow unit.  Dick Green, how was a pretty solid fielders, seems to be making an error.  Blomberg has a nice picture of old Yankee Stadium in the backdrop as Boccabella showcases a spring training field.  Great action photos on the rest with a Giant fielder attempting a play on Darrel Chaney, a great play at the plate on the Pat Corrales card and Sal Bando hitting a ball in the error - my guess is that it was a pop up based on his head angle.  I like the backdrop of the Jimmy Howarth card, it is one of my favorite Giants in the set and until I picked it up last year for my Giants collection I had never heard of the player or seen the card.
 I also received some huge help on my 2012 Topps Update insert sets. Here is a group of 8 Blockbusters inserts.  Glad Topps included a new insert set in Update.  This one is decent but I have to admit, some of the trades features don't reach Blockbuster status in my book.
 Back from Series 1 is the Golden Greats inserts and from both Series 1 & 2 are the Golden Moments.  Glad to knock 4 of each off the old want list.
 And some minis!  I really like the Future Stars addition to a few of the young stars in this insert set.  I also enjoy the mix of retired players and current players.  A very solid insert set, I am a mini fan.

The final cards in my package were 3 SPs from 2010 Topps 206 (inching ever closer to that set), a Giants gold parallel of cheater Melky Cabrera (yes I still collect him even though he is a convicted cheater - he is a Giant and the uni is more important than the name on the back) and a deckle edge insert for the Archive set (another one I am inching closer to).

Brian - thank you so much for the great trade and all the help on the sets!

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