Sunday, November 18, 2012

Contest Winnings - Collector's Crack

 Prior to the playoffs, I entered the Second Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web over at Collector's Crack.  The contest was pretty simple, pick the World Series winner.  As the only entry to pick the Giants the tiebreaker didn't even come into play and I took home the goods.

In addition to the awesome certificate that is suitable for framing:
I also got a stack of 12 Topps Golden Giveaway cards. I still needed one for my set and luckily the one I needed was include so I was pretty stoked.  I decided to redeem all 12 and share the results with everyone.  Here they are, all 12 in order of how they came up as I entered them:
As you can see, I unlocked a bunch of unredeemable coins.  I wasn't lucky enough to score any cards.  Oh well, at least it was fun.  Hey Topps, if you are listening and actually care next time you have a give away it would be nice to actually get something beyond a coin to look at on my computer.

Mark was also nice enough to include 3 Giants which I greatly appreciated:
 A pretty nice trio I must say.  Mark, I appreciate the contest and the cards you sent!  I am certainly glad I stayed loyal to my team.


  1. I have like 27 card!

  2. Your very welcome. I was really hoping you might pull at least one card from those codes.