Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Seeing Purple - Trade Post - Brad's Blog

Recently I saw a post from Brad from the aptly named Brad's Blog about him cracking a bunch of Toys R Us packs of 2013 Topps.  It sounded like he had a pretty good plan to sell the purples to recoup his funds and had all the base and inserts for close to free. I wish I would have thought about prior to my Toys R Us running out of cards.

Luckily I got to Brad before he posted them for sale and he had a nice group of Giants I was able to make a trade for. Check out all this Purple goodness:

 This trio only includes one Giant that will be on the 2013 roster in Barry Zito.  A friend and I were talking recently that we had no ill feelings over Huff's ridiculous 2 year contract after the first World Series, we basically gave away $20 Million but who cares we have won 2 out of the last 3 World Series.  Also it is pretty funny how Barry's contract doesn't seem quite as bad after last year's 15 regular season wins and clutch pitching in the playoffs.

This sextet is a great visual of the cardboard benefit of having your team win the World Series.  This group includes 4 extra Giants cards from the base set showing playoff wins.  It makes chasing the team sets more challenging but way more fun too.  Since Mr. Bonds retired the Giants haven't been featured on too many hitting leader cards, it is nice to see Buster at the head of the class.

Brad also tossed in this insert need for my master set:
Thanks for the great trade Brad.  I thought the team set of Purples was out of reach this year like it has been in past years but maybe not.  I am not sure if they actually look really nice or if the rarity of them just makes me excited to see them.  Either way I am pretty happy to have 9 of them in my 2013 collection.

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