Monday, April 1, 2013

Top 20 Recent Vintage Purchases - #13 1959 Topps NL Hitting Kings Willie Mays and Richie Ashburn

This was a tough card to place in the countdown, in retrospect maybe it should have been higher.  It is a pretty sweet card:
This card comes from the 1959 Topps sets and features 2 HOFers who were at the top of their game during this time frame.  It took Ashburn quite a while after his retirement to make the HOF but I believe he is a deserving member.  I like these subset cards Topps did for a few years featuring multiple players.  Maybe the somewhat low ranking has to do with my frustration over the 4 different Mays cards I have to chase to complete my 1959 Topps team set. Regardless of where it sits in the countdown, this is one nice card. I picked it up once again on Sportlots although it didn't really come cheap.

Prior cards in the countdown:

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  1. Neat card. I've ranted pretty consistently on my '59 blog about how I wish Topps had kept the original background in these multi- player specials instead of coloring in the circle. But that's just me. I enjoy them anyway.