Saturday, April 6, 2013

Top 20 Recent Vintage Purchases - #10 1952 Bowman Jim Hearn

The final non-HOFer card in the countdown opens up the top 10, this 1952 Bowman of Jim Hearn:

I picked up this beauty in a Sportlot auction and I am loving this card.  The colors really pop and while I typically like cards that zoom out for an action shot, this close up is very enjoyable.  I really like the old time mitt and you see just enough of the uniform.  The facsimile auto is perfectly placed as well.  An amazing card and my 8th 52 Bowman from the Giants team set. With Mays being a part of it, the set will most likely never get complete but I will continue to pick up as many of these 1950s Bowmans as I can get a hold of.

Prior cards in the countdown:

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  1. This is awesome. I love '52 Bowman. I've been debating chasing it.

    I build OPC sets (despite my blog being 95% hockey). In my first 5 minutes of looking I've found one '65 off your list, three '72s and ten '76s. I know I have good numbers of '71 and '74 kicking around and some slightly bashed '70s. My '73s are a little thin, but I'll see what's hiding. My email is my handle at