Sunday, April 7, 2013

Trade Post - Reader Pam

A few weeks back I got an email from a reader named Pam who indicated she had a bunch of Giants cards off my want list.  Pam is a fellow Giants fan and we struck up a trade to exchange some of our duplicates.  I am going to show a small sampling of the huge stack of cards I got in this trade.

My collection is sorely lacking in Mother's Cookies cards.  These are regional sets that were put out in the 80s and 90s and were usually a stadium give away.  Pam sure helped me out in this area as she sent a stack of 52 different Mother's cookies cards from 4 different sets.  Here is a sampling of one from each of the sets:
The Bill Laskey card is from the 1983 set and I don't think I had seen this set prior to getting a few in this trade. I picked Laskey because as a kid I got a chance to meet him and get an autographed baseball - I wonder what happened to that ball?  The Marichal is from the 1984 set and features Giants that have played on All-Star teams.  I like the picture on the Dominican Dandy card with his pitching arm extended and him gripping the ball.  This is a great looking set with awesome art work.  The menacing look of Rod Beck in the highlight of the 1995 set.  I was watching a show recently on MLB Network where they listed the best lineups for each team in the NL West and the late Beck was tabbed as the closer. I won't argue with that selection, he was great, but it did allow me to reflect on the Giants closers in the past and there have been some good ones - Greg Minton, Robb Nen and Brian Wilson come to mind.  The 1997 set featuring JT Snow was new to me as well. As you may or may not recall, JT made my list of favorite Giants first basemen in a past Weekly Contest.  I have revived the favorite player by position this week for third basemen if you haven't entered, check it out.

Speaking of JT, here is a nice grouping of 9 additional JT cards I scored in this trade.
 There are tons of great sets represented here from the throwback design of the UD Vintage and Fleer Platinum to the shiny Finest card to the crazy Circa card.  I ended up with more JT's in this trade than any other player which made me very happy

This batch of cards had a smattering of just about everything, for example here are some retired Giants greats from way back:
I think any regular readers of the blog know that I am a huge fan of the Conlon Collection so the Joe Moore is a nice pickup. The Durocher knocked a need off the 2013 Collecting Goals want list.  The Hubbell is great card from Sweet Spot Classics and it is always great to add a new Christy Mathewson to the collection.

I even scored a vintage need in this trade:
This helps with the 1960 team set which is on the goal list for this year as well.

I am a big fan of the small box sets Fleer put out and I would eventually like to get all the Giants form those sets.  These 3 surely did help:
All 3 are former Giants pitchers that had some stretches of greatness while wearing the Orange and Black.

And finally, I will end the trade post with a couple scans of some of my favorite other cards that came my way:
 I really like Sportflic cards and these two of the Candy Man and Chili are sweet.  The Vanguard card of Jeff Kent is nice and thick, and while it doesn't show too well on the scan the colors really pop.  The Manwaring card with a play at the plate is some fine photography. I have always been a fan of the Noteworthy inserts and wish I would have gone after the set back in the day.  The Munter card is serial numbered which is cool but the reason for including this is that I wasn't aware of an Upper Deck Update set, pretty cool.
And finally the last group of cards.  The throwback Lincecum is a great looking card.  I am not sure who Skip James is but this minor league issue with the Coca Cola logo is a great looking card.  Had to get a hatless Will the Thrill in and the Finest Williams comes for what I believe to be the year of the finest Finest design.  The last two cards feature Royce Clayton getting some air and Robb Nen closing the door.

Believe it or not, these scans represent a small fraction of all the Giants goodness Pam sent my way.  Thank you for reaching out and reading the blog Pam and thank you for the great trade!

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