Saturday, June 14, 2014

Trade Post - Johnny's Trading Spot

As I am trying to get back into the groove of some semi-regular posting, here is a pretty quick but very awesome trade post.  Johnny over at Johnny's Trading Spot pulled a nice auto out of last year's Archive - I believe it came from a blaster.  After some back and forth I put together a nice package of Bravos Autos and Relics to score this beauty:

My Dave Parker collection is starting to shape up into a pretty nice one.  I still have it in a box and need to get it into pages soon. This card is a perfect representation of what drew me to collecting Parker in addition to his greatness as a player.  I really like the Pirates uniform with the yellow and black along with the old style hat. Parker is also very photogenic and produces some great cards.  The Cobra has an auto in this year's release that I have to try and find in a trade or at a reasonable price but I am very glad to have this one in my collection.

Thanks for the trade Johnny!