Monday, June 2, 2014

McCovey Monday - #53 - 2014 Topps Archives

My favorite player of all time is Hall of Famer Willie McCovey.  I have amassed a collection of over 1200 different  McCovey cards since I started collecting him in the late 1980s.  I will show off one of my favorite cards every Monday.  Stretch was one of the most feared hitters of all time and I am excited to show off my collection.

This week I am travelling to Washington DC for a work conference.  I am also taking Wednesday and Thursday off to do some sight seeing.  I have been to DC a couple time but still haven't toured the Library of Congress or Arlington National Cemetery so those will be on the list for sure.  Still working on a list of other places to visit.  If all goes to plan I will be attending a Nationals game on Tuesday night as well.

Today I decided to do a quick post and share Willie McCovey's new 2014 Archives card.  This picture looks familiar but I didn't get a chance to check my binders to see from where. It looks like a fairly young Stretch in the picture.  I love the trio of bats on his shoulder and the stadium facade in the background.  I think the coloring and design look pretty good with the Giants and this picture.  I am looking forward to picking up the Gold and Silver parallels.

Here is the back of the card.  Oddly it only shows his stats through 1973 but has his career totals.  Not sure why they did that, unless it was just due to space.  Otherwise it is a pretty 1989 looking card back.  The number 165 doesn't seem to hold much significance but I am glad his number at least ended in a 5.

I will be sure to share the parallels once they join my collection.


  1. Man, that looks sharp. I want to dislike Archives, and there are plenty of things I don't love about it, but it's cards like this that make it work.

  2. Yeah, that's a real beaut. I'll be picking one up for myself I think.