Friday, May 30, 2014

Inching Closer to the 1973 Topps Set

I am really hoping to finish off the 1973 Topps set sometime this year.  The one dilemma I will have once that is complete is which set to focus on next, 1971 or 1972.  I have want lists up for both but they are huge.  I am going to need to formulate a plan on how to get some bulk lots I need cheap but I am getting ahead of myself.

I recently picked up 2 more 1973 cards I needed, both high numbers.
This is the second to the last Rookie card I need with just the big one waiting in the wings.  Not any huge names here with Mike Garman having the longest career of the trio.

I also picked up former Giant Felipe Alou.  This card was tough to track down at a reasonable price, I wonder if there is a premium because he is a Yankee.  This is one of his last Topps cards in his career with only a 1974 and 1974 Traded cards after.

I am down to needing 4 cards, a Red Sox team card, 2 Checklists and the Mike Schmidt rookie card.  I probably shouldn't be but I have been surprised how much the Checklist cards are selling for unmarked.  I am not looking for mint condition but an unmarked is a plus.  My plan is to know off the 3 non-Schmidt cards then set up an eBay search with notifications to go full fledged for the final card.  With us not being at the half way mark of the year, I should be able to finish this one off but I just can't lose focus.

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