Saturday, May 17, 2014

Trade Post - Like Having My Own Card Shop

This post is on a nice trade that goes back a couple months at least. I had gotten fairly caught up on trade post but find myself falling behind again.  Check out the nice cards I got from Like Having My Own Card Shop

This trade originated with these 4 cards I needed to finish my 2013 Chrome update set.  I was surprised that I was able to complete this set fairly inexpensively.  Some luck on the Value Boxes I picked (most of the big name players and no dups), some great trades like this and a couple sellers on Sportlots with reasonable prices.

Daniel was also kind enough to include a nice batch of Giants:

The Aurilia from 2002 Fleer Tradition is a Glossy parallel serial numbered /200.  The other 5 cards in the top 2 rows are also parallels that I needed.  I particularly like getting the early to mid 2000s gold parallels like the Worrell, I would love to finish up all those back sets.  The Lofton card has a great photo in my opinion and the Alou is a clear acetate insert. The Gypsy Queen mini was a very welcome addition, I still need 7 cards for that parallel set and would love to finish it but these cards are pretty hard to come by.  Finally the 1992 Donruss Cracker Jack minis were the first I have of these, there is a Will Clark to finish off the team set that I need to track down.

Daniel, thanks for the great trade and the great cards!

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