Sunday, May 4, 2014

Group Break - 2014 Gypsy Queen

I am finally getting around to sharing my Group Break goodies from a half case break by Judson over at My Cardboard Habit.  I of course took the Giants and got the Mariners as my 2nd team.  Didn't scan any Mariners, the highlights from them were a Cano Blue Border and 2-3 SPs. I definitely will share my Giants.

 First up are the base.  I ended up getting 8 different base cards.  I was a little disappointed as there are 13 Giants in the base set.  I didn't get any of the 3 SPs. Fortunately I have pulled 2 Willie Mays SPs out of packs and picked up the Bumgarner and Pence.  I have completed the team set with the exception of the 3 reverse negative cards which may never enter my collection.  I also picked up a Dealing Aces insert of Madison Bumgarner.  This is the only Giant in the various Gypsy Queen inserts.

Next up are the minis.  I also got 8 different base minis.  The Pence, Mays and Bumgarner cards are all SPs so it was great to pick them up. I believe a couple of these are also mini box parallels with alternate pictures.  As of right now I am a Ryan Vogelsong and Willie Mays mini away from the entire team set of the base minis.  Very cool!  I also scored a Sepia mini of The Dandy Dominican, numbered 21/50.  This was probably my second favorite score from the break.

 Next up is this nice blue framed and serial numbered to 499 Buster Posey. I am a fan of these bordered cards and have pulled 2 copies of the Sandoval in packs.  Buster and Panda are the only 2 Giants so I guess this counts for a team set.

I had struck out on hits through the first 4 boxes but Box #5 was good to me.  I was able to score this nice looking relic of Hunter Pence.  I like the concentration that is captured in this picture and super happy to get a hit in the break.

However, not as happy as when I saw that I had scored this, a Matt Williams Auto.  Williams is one of 3 Giants featured in the Auto set and by getting this one in the break I am inspired to track down a copy of the other two.

Very solid results from this group break and thanks to Judson for setting it up and making it happen!


  1. Seems like you did pretty well. I just sent you a package in todays mail!