Saturday, May 3, 2014

Trade Post - The Daily Dimwit

Recently Samuel over at the Daily Dimwit shared some of his goods from a pack war at his LCS and one card peak my interest.  I reached out to him and shared my meager Astros trade bait and he wasn't interested.  He did suggest a couple cards on eBay that I could acquire on his behalf and shoot his way to pry the card away and I decided to bite.  I have picked up a few cards here and there at shows for other bloggers and did buy a card off COMC for a reader of the blog as a return gift for an awesome card he sent my way but this was my first eBay purchase for another blogger.

I think it was well worth it, here is what I got in return:
 I sweet Triple Threads card of 3/5th of the Giants starting rotation.  The Cain even has a little bit of a patch in it.  May times the Triple Threads cut outs have odd phrases that don't seem to work but this Bayside Aces works just fine for me.  Any if you missed it, it is serial numbered 4/9.  A great card!

Samuel also tossed in a few extras including the new Gypsy Queen Panda and 3 Topps Chipz.  I had two of the 3 Chipz already but they will go great in the care package I am putting together for my friend's son who is a huge Giants fan.

Thanks Dimwit the the great trade, hope you are enjoying your two Astros!


  1. That Bayside Aces card is pretty slick! I can only imagine the Astros card you had to pickup for the Dimwit.

  2. You're right about the phrases being funky sometimes.
    That one works.