Monday, May 12, 2014

McCovey Monday #51 - 2014 Gypsy Queen

My favorite player of all time is Hall of Famer Willie McCovey.  I have amassed a collection of over 1200 different  McCovey cards since I started collecting him in the late 1980s.  I will show off one of my favorite cards every Monday.  Stretch was one of the most feared hitters of all time and I am excited to show off my collection.

Posting has been a little slow around here with lots going on at the ARPSmith household.  I even missed a week of McCovey Monday. Today I thought I would show off my partial 2014 Gypsy Queen rainbow:

So far I have picked up the base, the base mini, the black (181/199) and the red (93/99).  The Sepia /50 is on my radar and that will probably be the last one.  The only other parallels for Stretch are the Wood /5, the Clear /1 and the 4 Printing Plates /1.  Back in the day I tried to chase every McCovey but the spending limits I have placed on myself and my more diversified collection leave me happy getting all the cards with a reasonable print run.

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  1. Looking good! I'm sure it won't be long until you get the Sepia.