Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Good Type of Bowman

I recently shared my 2014 Giants team set of Bowman that I picked up as a lot on eBay.  I am not a huge fan of the set but there is a type of Bowman that gets me excited - vintage Bowman.  Bowman issued sets from 1948 - 1955.  I have actually completed the 1955 set and try and pick up the Giants from the other sets when I can.  The vintage Bowman cards are some of my favorites to chase.

 First up is a pick up from 1949 of Willard Marshall.  The deep red background stands out on this card and I like the Orange highlights on the hat and jersey.

Next up is a trio of 1950 Bowman cards.  This is one of my favorite Bowman releases with the great color.  The Bill Rigney is up first and the great background makes this an amazing card.
Here is a nice portrait of Leo "The Lip" Durocher who was the manager of the Giants during this time period.
 Finally a card of Monte Kennedy.  This is a set I would like to finish up some day and it really isn't out of reach. Fortunately it is pre-Willie Mays so there aren't any cards that are completely out of control from a cost standpoint.  I have 2 other cards in addition to these and there are 15 total Giants in the team set.  One third of the way there!

This is another impressive set, 1952 Bowman.  I really enjoy the contrast of the green lockers in the back and the player in the front.  The facsimile signature is a nice addition to this Max Lanier card.

In 1953 Bowman released cards both in color and black and white.  This post shows off 3 of the colored cards.  First up is Al Corwin.

Next we have Don Mueller...

And finally Jim Hearn.

I also have the black and white of Larry Jansen.  I all I have 1 of the 3 B&W and 7 of the 9 Color cards. Another team set that is probably within reach.

The last Bowman set with recent pick ups is the 1954 set.  I am not a big fan of the color block that is in place to encapsulate the signature.  I would prefer that the auto just go over the picture myself.  I now have a dozen cards from this set with these additions.  I still need 3 cards to complete this including the Mays so this one may not get done for quite some time.

First up is Alvin Dark...

 Followed by Henry Thompson...

And finished up with HOFer and my most recent pick up Hoyt Wilhelm.

I hope this dose of Vintage Bowman helps those of you who dislike recent Bowman releases get a nice escape from all the 2014 Bowman posts.


  1. Great cards. Love vintage Bowman!

  2. It's easy to forget Bowman used to be cool.

  3. 1949 bowman is awesome. I only have one card but plan on getting more