Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bring On Topps Archives...

With the exception of a few Super Veteran inserts, I have put my Topps Series 1 set to rest and completed all I plan on completing including that pesky Before They Were Stars insert set.  I have finished off the base set and picked up quite a few Opening Day inserts but still have a sizable list to go.  I am slowly but steadily chipping away at the Donruss set thanks in large part to the bid board at my LCS.  If the past two years hold true, I will finish up my Heritage SP set sometime around Black Friday. 

2014 Topps Archives is set to be released sometime next week and my set building focus will shift once again.  This is a release that seems to polarize collectors.  True to form from the last couple years, the base set will consist of 50 cards from 4 different Topps designs from the past (1973, 1986, 1989 and 1980) then 50 short prints for a total set of 250 cards.  I want to put you all on notice that I will be collecting the set so if you happen to buy a few packs and pull some SPs, keep me in mind for trades!

While not the greatest design choices, I am happy about the 1973 inclusion, it is the next vintage set I should be completing.  I have a special place in my heart for 1980, it was the second set (after 1981) that I ever completed and has one of my favorite cards of all time in the Rickey Henderson rookie.  I am fine with 1989 and not surprised about it after the minis from the flagship set.  I think the 1986 set is the biggest travesty, why not go back to a more classic set like 1975 or even something like 1968.

Beckett has a nice preview of the set here.  It features an awesome Rickey Henderson auto - I sure hope it isn't short printed as I would love to hunt one down.  The Major League inserts look like fun but I haven't decided which insert sets I will chase.  Several of the insert sets last year were so rare that it was virtually impossible for me to go after them.  I am looking forward to cracking a couple of boxes very soon.

I can't have a post without pictures so I thought I would share some of my "hits" from Gypsy Queen and give a status of my Giants acquisitions since I am not going after the set. 

All 3 Giants Autos. I shared the Williams from my Group Break and picked up the Mitchell and Kickham on eBay. I love that Williams and Mitchell are in this set.
Hunter is starting to heat up this year and am glad to have his relic.

This reverse negative of the Say Hey Kid was a great pick up for $10 delivered and a card I honestly thought wouldn't make it into my collection.
Probably my favorite card from 2014 Gypsy Queen - lovin the Jumbo relic.
From a Giants perspective, I have completed the base set but still need 2 of the 3 reverse negatives (Posey and Marichal).  I am down to needing 2 base minis (Vogelsong and one of the Mays versions - kneeling).  I am not going after the parallel mini sets but do need to score a McCovey Sepia parallel.  I have all the regular autos and won't be chasing the mini Kevin Mitchell /10, the Cain/Jered Weaver dual /10 or any of the parallel autos.  I still need the Lincecum relic and I believe a fellow blogger told me he would be sending the Cain my way.  Now that I have one Jumbo, I would like to finish of the team set by picking up the Posey.  All pretty realistic goals which I am proud of, in the past I was never happy until I had all cards but I have changes my ways.

Bring on Archives.


  1. 1986 is a better inclusion than 1980 simply because they used 1980 2 years ago. Not to mention the fact that 1986 is very underrated and my personal favorite set ever.

  2. I'm excited for the Major League autos out of this years Archives!

  3. I'm with Hiflew. I'd have preferred 1976, 1978, or 1979 just for variety's sake. And, while I know that the Heritage set pulls the older card designs, why couldn't Topps throw in something like 1957 into the Archives set instead of using 1980 again?