Sunday, May 11, 2014

2014 Bowman Giants Team Set

About 1 month ago I shared how I went the easy way with getting my 2014 Topps Sticker Giants set and I decided to do the same again.  This time the product is 2014 Bowman.  I have gone back and forth about Bowman over the last few years, even buying enough to complete the set a couple times.  This year I will limit myself to a few hobby packs and retail packs but will not be going all in for a box or make an attempt for the set. That lead to a purchase of the Giants base set(s) and here they are:

Here are the Giants from the base set, each team should get between 7-8 cards if the team sets were doled out fairly so the Giants coming in at 8 is about right.  Four fifths of the starting rotation is featured along with their catcher, 1 outfield and 2 infielders. To me Brandon Belt, Sergio Romo and Angel Pagan are both worthy of being included.  I probably would have dropped Marco Scutaro and perhaps Tim Lincecum. In reality, the Giants just needed more spots in the set.

Included in the Bowman product are the Chrome Prospects and the Prospects. It is the same group of 110 players, just one in Chrome and one regular.  The Giants had 3 players in this group with Jones and Ragira being 2013 draft picks and Flores signing way back in 2009 as a free agent.  These guys aren't at the top of the Giants prospect list but I am glad to have this team set already complete.

For those of you who are fans of vintage Bowman, I have a treat coming up for your soon.  I am personally a much bigger fan of the vintage variety.

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