Thursday, May 1, 2014

Finishing Off Some Team Sets

I was looking through my 2013 parallel want lists recently and noticed I was very close to completing some Giants team sets so I took to Sportlots to see if I could do any damage to the list.  Here is what I was able to find:

 First up is this White Border Gypsy Queen parallel of Will The Thrill Clark.  These white borders were retail only parallels and 4 Giants were featured in this set.  This is a great picture of Clark, perfectly framed with the gaudy GQ border.

 I was also able to grab this Pence card to finish off my refractor parallel team set.  I did my least amount of Chrome parallel hunting last year and while I finished this set and the Xfractor set below, I don't have one Giant Atomic, Black, Blue, Camo, Gold (although I may have just fixed that with a Sportlots auction), Pink, Red or Sepia.  I have 4/10 Orange and 6/10 Purple, those may be worth going after.

This Romo finished off the aforementioned Xfractor set.  Sergio is off to a pretty good start this year after a great year last year. 

 I guess this is kind of cheating as this is the only Target Red Border Giant so this is a team set of 1.  I do have the Walmart Blue Border so maybe I can group them together?

 These two Allen & Ginter minis finished off my team set minus to two extended cards of Matt Cain and Willie Mays.  With the rarity of those coming only in rip cards, I just can't count them as part of the set.  I only need 2 A&G backs and 6 Black Borders (I can't believe I don't have a McCovey black) so those team sets may be within reach.

For some reason the Gold Border Huff was hard to track down, I finally found one and pounced.  This completes the Giants team set for Gold border for all 3 flagship series including the Update.  I checked out my 2012 list and I still need 1 Gold border to finish that set, time to go hunting!

Finally, I picked up the last Emerald border parallel I needed, again in all 3 series.  I really liked this parallel last year, maybe it had something to do with my St. Patrick's Day birthday and love of green.  I have the series 1 equivalent of Red finished in 2014 and still need 1 Gold Sparkle 2012 card for that set.  Looks like I have a couple cards to track down.

I really love finishing team sets.  I have thought about going through my collection to see how many I have completed but it is pretty low on my priority list right now.

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