Monday, May 19, 2014

For the Price of a Blaster

Between some auctions on Sportlots and the bid boards at my LCSs, I have picked up quite a few vintage HOFer cards.  I have given some thought to making a list of non-Giants and players I don't already collect and going after their Topps runs of cards. I haven't taken the plunge yet but I did jump on several player lots on Sportlots recently.  These cost me a total of $20 including shipping, let me know what you think.

 I scored an 18 card lot of Johnny Bench cards with the highlight being the 1975 Topps All Star card.
Almost half of these would go towards my Topps project if I do start it but there are a couple of really cool oddballs that I am happy to have.

 Next up are 9 Lou Brock Topps cards and a nice mix of Topps cards.  I think a large part of my appreciation for Brock comes from my following of Rickey Henderson.  In the early 90s the two were jointly discussed and even featured on a number of cards together.

 I also scored a 9 card lot of Lefty Steve Carlton. I really enjoy his transformation from the 1971 card to the 1976 card, from clean cut to almost hippyish. I have picked up a few other Carltons and this adds 6 Topps cards to my collection including the run from 1976-1980.

Finally a 9 card lot of Roberto Clemente.  I really only sought this one out for the top row and I was happy to get the lot.  The two 1969s are not in the greatest condition, both are creased, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pick these up.  The oddball cards are cool too, I am tempted to break up the puzzle.  Clemente probably wont make my list if I decided to go after the Topps runs, primarily because I never saw him play but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate him and am very happy to have his cards in my collection.

So what do you think, better than a blaster?


  1. Of course!

    If I didn't have a lot of these cards already I'd be so jealous of many of them. But I'm able to confine it to the '77 Kellogg's Carlton and '73 Brock.

    Also, if you're not married to both '69 Clementes, I'd appreciate a crack at one of them. It'd help me get back that card that I traded so many years ago.

  2. You got some great stuff there.
    I collect Bench and Clemente myself. What a great haul for $20.

  3. You scored all these scans for a single $20???? I hate you!