Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Big Win at the LCS

I have posted a few times about one of my LCSs having $10 Mystery Packs.  They typically have them for Baseball, Football and Basketball.  I typically stick to the baseball and have won some good stuff.  They list odds for winning a 1st prize at 1:50, 2nd prize 1:25 and 3rd prize 1:16.6.

A few weeks back the first prize for the football packs was a card that fit a long time want for me that I had never acquired.  I usually stick to 1-2 packs each trip and had picked up 4 football packs without any wins.  On a recent trip, I decided to pick up 2 baseball packs and 1 football pack.  I started with the baseball packs and didn't win any of the big prizes.  When I opened the football pack I was pleasantly surprised to get a certificate for a win and in looking more closely realized I won the 1st prize!

Here is the card:
This card is a 2011 Topps Legends Relic Auto of former 49er and Hall of Famer Steve Young.  The card is serial numbered 19/25.  A few years back I made a list of football autos I would want to add to my collection and a Steve Young in a 49er uniform was one of my top wants.

I have won a great Roberto Clemente bat card, a Tony Oliva auto card, a Duke Snider auto card, a Josh Hamilton auto card, and also pulled non-win cards with autos of HOFers like Al Kaline and Wade Boggs but I think this card has to rank as my top win from the LCS Mystery Packs.