Monday, February 23, 2015

Trade Post - Infield Fly Rule

Not too long back I received a small flat rate box from Adam over at Infield Fly Rule packed with 5-6 team bags of cards.  There was a pretty wide variety of cards and I always have fun digging through those types of packages.  I had quite a few of the cards but that is always okay as I have a couple outlets for my dups - my boys when their card collecting interests are peaking or a friend's son who I have dumped a few flat rates on over the past couple of years.

I thought I would share some of my highlight from the package:

First to share are a few stickers and holograms.  For many these aren't super collectible but I love getting them in trade packages.  I have a big stack of these types of items that will one day have their own binder in Giants collection.  9 pocket pages are currently in need at the arpsmith household but I have a possible line on some gently used pages.  I was at my LCS recently and he bought a collection of basketball cards that included several binders with clean Ultra Pro Platinum pages that he is going to clean out and set aside for me.  He said he would shoot them my way for a nickle each which is about 75% off what new pages typically cost.

 Usually my trade packages are mostly Giants or set needs but Adam included a fairly sizable stack of non-Giants.  There were a few Barry Bonds cards as a Pirate, a bunch of former Giants and a few I didn't see any real connection to my collection.  These two stood out as they feature Giants who are not the main subject of the card.  I haven't typically collected these types of cards but these two stood out and will be set aside, this may be a mini collection option in the future.  I particularly like the Dodgers card where the only strong visual representing a team is the Giants jersey.

Finally I scanned a group of the cards new to my collection.  The Bonds Revolution card in the upper left corner didn't scan well but is an awesome looking card in person.  As I work on trying to acquire as many new Giants base cards this year as possible getting Bonds cards in trades is always appreciated as they are typically the most costly.  The two Topps Reserve cards were ones I had never seen and the T206 card I had in mini form but not full sized.  The McCovey is a duplicate as I have it in my McCovey binder but not my Giants.  The two bottom cards will fit nicely in the minors binder. Believe it or not, the Chris James card is my favorite of the entire batch.  It was a card that wasn't previously on my checklist - I needed it but didn't know I needed it.

Adam, thanks for all the great cards. I will be working on something to return the favor soon.

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