Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What can $7 buy you at my LCS bid board?

During the same trip to the LCS when I picked up my 2015 Topps Jumbo Box I had a few cards to pick up at the neighboring LCS.  The price tag was $7 and I thought I would share the cards and see if you think the price on my pick ups were solid.

Up first are a couple of basketball cards:

I am not a huge collector of basketball card collector but when I can pick up cards of former USC Trojans at cheap prices I usually will pull the trigger.  The gold framed Nick Young Hoops card set me back 50 cents and the Pinnacle Museum Collection parallel was 75 cents.  A buck and a quarter to add a couple cards to the  USC Basketball collection.

 Next up is a sweet vintage 1963 Post card of Al Kaline.  Yes the kid cutting it out over 50 years ago didn't do the greatest job but an awesome vintage card of one of the greatest players ever for $1.50 is too good to pass up.

Speaking of vintage, how about this 1969 Topps Deckle Edge Brooks Robinson.  The corners aren't great but when it comes to vintage I am not picky.  I love the picture on this card.  Last year I completed the 1969 Topps Game insert set and this may be a set I go after at some point.  The checklist includes some nice players.  There are 33 cards in the set along with 2 variations so a total of 35 cards to go after.  If I can find a few more at the $1.25 price point of this Brooks that may trigger the creation of a want list.

Here is the final card of my LCS bid board pickup:
The scan looks pretty good but in person this card looks amazing. It is an insert out of 2014 Topps Chrome and uses the design of the 1985 Topps set - one of my favorites.  This is the Pulsar Refractor parallel numbered 36/50 of future starting running back for the 49ers Carlos Hyde.  I was impressed with Hyde last year when he got a chance to play and may start depending on whether or not the Niners resign Frank Gore. For an opening bid of $3 I had to leap at this card.

That's what my $7 got me from the bid board. Most of these are card I never would have sought out on eBay or Sportlots and that is a big part of why I like the bid board.


  1. Sweet Kaline! I paid $2 for mine and felt I was taking advantage of the seller. Great deals!

  2. If they ever turn back up, I may have a few Deckle Edges to send your way.

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