Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Couple of GOATs

A few weeks back I picked up a couple cards that don't technically fit into any niche in my collection but the price on the bid board was too good to pass up.  I have a box of random cards I like that continues to grow with no common theme and these fit right in.

First up is the Greatest Running Back of All Time, Sweetness Walter Payton.

This is a 1978 Topps card of Payton.  I really like the design of this set with the team name on the side and the position in a football in the lower corner. The color scheme of the All-Pro banner screams 70s to me and Topps did a great job on photo selection.  Payton is coming off an MVP year where he rushed for over 1800 yards including a single game record of 275 in one game.  He was also MVP of the Pro Bowl, I wonder if the players played hard in that game back then.

The other GOAT I picked up is the first card I have ever purchased from this "sport":

Hulk Rules!  This card came from an Upper Deck release celebrating All-Time Greats.  I have seen a few box breaks on Youtube and it looks like you get 3 base cards/parallels per box and one hit.  The cards serial numbered to 99 are the biggest print run.  The hit often, but not always matched the top card in the box.  I can't imagine buying a box at this price point and hoping for a Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan and getting a Hulk Hogan autograph card.  However, I am happy to have a card of my favorite wrestler from my childhood back when it was WWF, Hulk Hogan.

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  1. I've been thinking about picking up a few autographs from 2012 UD All-Time Greats... and one of them happens to be Mr. Hogan. It's insane how expensive this stuff was when it first came out... and how much it's dropped since then. Great time to get on-card signatures of some of the biggest names in sports.