Friday, February 23, 2018

Contest Win - Collector's Crack

Do you ever get so behind in life that you just throw up your hands and give up?  I am typically a fairly persistent guy and it serves me well at work and at home.  But I have reached that point with trying to catch up with past packages all my friends in the blogosphere have sent my way.  I did a great job of scanning the cards but did not keep track of the other details around the trades or packages I received.  I want to toss out a blanket apology to everyone I slight and hope that my past packages and recent team stack giveaways earn me back a little street cred in the blogging community.

This group of cards was my tipping point.  I scanned these cards months ago and uploaded them to to do a post and they sat in the draft folder since.  All I noted was that these cards came my way in a contest win from Collector's Crack.  I have wracked my brain for a couple of days and went back on his blog about a year to see if I could remember what contest I won and I failed in my quest.

However, even with out those details, I figured I would share these cards.  I already went to the trouble to scan and upload the cards and they are a mighty fine batch as you will see.

Here is a cool mini relic from Topps 206.  I don't believe I ever opened and of these cards back when they came out but they are right up my alley with an old school design and minis.

Here is a nice quad of cards that fit nicely into my collection, all were needs.  Can't decide which one if my favorite, I think it comes down to the knothole Mays and the psychedelic Williams. 

I also scored these 5 Kevin Mitchell cards from a Star set.  I have done some eBay searches looking for some Giants Star cards and sets for my player collection but haven't pulled the trigger yet.  These were back from the glory days when about 50 companies were putting out cards.

The final card is this Topps Signature Moves auto card of Jose Cruz Jr.  His tenure with the Giants was short and he didn't live up to our high hopes but this is a really nice looking auto card.

Thanks to Collector's Crack for the contest win, even if I can't remember what I won for exactly.


  1. Shinjo has another bat card in the 206 series 3; yours is from series 2. Rarely see them around any more.

  2. Relics and autos, good win, congrats on winning whatever the contest was, lol.

  3. You won my 5th Annual World Series contest back in 2015, and then I sent your prize to your old address and so that was the prize I cobbled together. But you're very welcome, I'm still bummed I screwed up the original prize package

  4. Wow that's a different Kevin Mitchell Star set than the one I had as a kid. Not sure how Star could justify so many sets of the same player but I think the biggest reason I bought the one I did was because the gradient was black and orange. Purple just looks weird for a Giants card.

  5. Great looking autograph. The blue Sharpie really pops off the card.