Friday, February 2, 2018

Happy Topps Day (a couple days late)!!!

My favorite day of the year has come and passed, Topps Day, the day Topps flagship Series 1 brand hits the stores.  I went by my Target on Wednesday and there were no new cards to be found so I was a day later to pick up my first taste of 2018 Topps.  Now I am a day later in getting this post up.

I bought one loose pack, one fat pack, one hanger and one blaster and opened them in that order.

I always like to memorialize the first card I pulled of the new year:

I actually scanned the first card of each of the items I opened, I was on a pretty hot Astros streak until the blaster.

Only 3 base Giants and a nice Buster insert from all the cards.

These are the parallels I pulled, nothing too exciting to me, 4 Rainbow foils and a pair of golds.  The gold are interesting this year with the somewhat muted gold coloring throughout all the backgroud.

I decided to scan all of the inserts I pulled.  I believe these Jeters are retail exclusive and only at Target.  I heard that Walmart has Kris Bryant cards.

A couple more insert sets featured here, I kind of like the Opening Day design, kind of new and different.

This year the tribute set is to 1983 Topps, it is actually one of my favorite designs, I was 12 and in my prime collecting phase when it came out.

I believe this set is retail exclusive as well.  The cards along the bottom appear to be some sort of blue parallel.  Either I am ridiculously lucky or the color parallel is pretty easy to pull.

My retail "hit" was this manurelic of Yadier Molina.  These are to celebrate Player's Weekend, I wish the photo showed the back of his jersey with a nickname on it.  The Mattingly is a nice black border parallel /199.  Nice looking card but does have a ding in the bottom left corner.

From a base card selection, I really like the team cards.  It is great with the landscape orientation to show multiple players and some action/celebration.  Can't wait to see the Giants one I hope is in Series 2.

Finally I just pulled some cards that stood out to me from a photo perspective, Topps did a pretty nice job this year in my opinion.  These portrait jobs are all solid.

While I find these landscape photos pretty spectacular.

Overall I like the base design, the photos look very crisp and clear.  The name block and graphics don't take too much away from what I consider the star of the show in the picture.  I am not one for card backs so no scans of those today.

I already have a master hobby set on its way from an eBay purchase so everything outside of the Giants and the retail inserts are for trade if you see anything you want.  Happy Topps Day!


  1. You are the first to really show a lot of cards in your post. I agree with the photo selections. Seems like Topps has learned that you don't need to zoom in so damn close to the player. Show some context of where they are and what's around them.

    THink if that Springer was a horizontal card? It would be ok, buy man is it 1000% times better with the catcher and much more of the stadium behind him.

    1. I agree with the photo selection... much improved.
      I love the Mauer card with the catcher and the umpire. The Robbie Grossman photo is pretty nice, too.

  2. I see several Braves non base there that I like.

  3. This common thread of seeing that the photos have improved is the best news of the week.

  4. Wish there were more zoomed out action shots like the Cargo, Broxton, Odor, and Hamilton. I was gonna buy some of this stuff today, but figured I'd wait to see more posts. Glad I did, because I think I'm gonna save my money for Stadium Club and Archives.