Thursday, February 22, 2018

Just for the "F" of It #13

I have another fun card pick up to share, a really nice pick up of a Superbowl winning quarterback, Jim Plunkett.  Check it out:

Some of my earliest football memories were watching games with my dad, he was a big Oakland Raiders fan in the 70s and early 80s and remains a Raider fan today.  I was always more partial to the 49ers and my fandom was solidified with the Joe Montana, Bill Walsh era and continues to this day. 

But when I think back to those early days of learning the game my mind goes back to Kenny Stabler, Cliff Branch, Ted Hendricks and Dave Casper.  Jim Plunkett also enters into those memories, the Raiders picked him up several years into his career and he ended up leading them to the promised land.  I was excited for the Raiders victory and of course much of the accolades go towards the QB.

Those memories came flooding back when I spied this card in an auction.  Add to that a great design with the patriotic background and the great signature Plunkett scribed onto the sticker made we want to add it to my collection.   The price ended up working for me so I added it to my Just for the F of it collection.


  1. I love your Just for the F of It collection/series. These posts always pack a punch.

  2. Beautiful card. Both of my parents were huge 49ers fans, but I do remember my father having a soft spot for the Raiders. Plunkett was one of his favorites. Definitely a Bay Area legend.